SAIC Selects OpenClovis SAFPlus for ACTUV Project READ MORE | SAFplus 6.0 Released!READ MORE | NASA selects OpenClovis for space mission program. READ MORE

Opensource Leadership Open Source leadership fuels the momentum of AdvancedTCA
Build and launch your next-generation offerings quickly and confidently on the OpenClovis SAFplus Platform. Our open source approach, reduced cost, high availability, and COTS interoperability all add up to rapid Time-to-Market, exceptional value and a competitive edge. read more
Modular Platform Modular platform greatly reduces Time-to-Market
OpenClovis software lets you build, deploy and upgrade your high-value, competitive offerings quickly to meet fast-arising market opportunities. Scalable, interoperable, ready-to-use components help system designers choose the ideal building blocks to create differentiated, popular applications and services — including routers, switches, media gateways and wireless infrastructure nodes. Our innovative OpenClovis (IDE) graphical environment speeds development time, debugging and deployment. read more
Solid Standards Industry standards-compliance raises availability, lowers risk and cost
Portable, reusable and solidly engineered, OpenClovis components simplify maintenance and control your solution footprint, keeping costs to a minimum. Built-in Platform Management enables solution-wide communication to proactively avert failure and maintain high availability. You can rely on the OpenClovis platform to lower complexity and risk as you move into next-generation applications. read more